Bridge Housing

Building resilient and empowered communities, through quality, affordable housing.

Sustainable and affordable living for your wellbeing

Bridge Housing is committed to providing secure and long-term access to healthy homes at an affordable rate for kiwi families. Low maintenance homes designed to create a sense of community, encouraging interaction and combating isolation.


Intentional neighbourhood designs that encourage interaction to help combat isolation and its negative impact on health & wellbeing.


Providing secure and healthy homes at below market rates, small yet well-designed homes with great communal spaces.


Diverse communities with a range of leasehold and freehold models and collaborative partnerships to maximise long-term impact.

A fresh and innovative approach to achievable home ownership is coming to Cambridge.

Secure Homes Programme

Secure homes is an assisted ownership programme, offering quality, affordable housing and long term stability and security.

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Developments that create community

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